David Sands Poker Strategy

David ‘Doc’ Sands became well known by crushing major web-based competitions on all organizations imaginable. Back in 2008 he won Extreme Bet 200K ensured and the Outright Poker 150K ensured competitions in consecutive days procuring around $80,000 simultaneously and telling the poker world that there’s another youngster around all players need to keep an eye out for. While both Extreme Poker and Outright Poker are presently a relic of times gone by David Sands is as yet winning huge like he was 10 years or so prior.

‘Doc Sands’ made an effective progress to the universe of live poker and keeping in mind that he has no WSOP arm bands he figured out how to bring home a WPT championship and with $8,459,921 in lifetime profit he’s positioned 79th on the Untouched Cash Rundown which is surely great. David plays poker in an exceptionally brilliant, forceful way and in this article we will investigate a portion of the hands from his fruitful vocation.

Monster Slayer

Placing Phil Ivey in an off-kilter spot is an accomplishment that not very many poker players had the option to accomplish and David Sands is one of the individuals from this select club. In the hand introduced above, ‘Doc Sands’ chosen to make an exceptionally standard open with Ah5h and Phil Ivey went for an impressively more disputable play by protecting with 5c2c. That being said, in a live poker situation timing normally rules over hand choice, deepstacks considered a fair piece of imagination and – to wrap things up – Phil Ivey we’re discussing, so we can be genuinely sure that he had the option to make this situation +EV for him previously.

On the lemon David Sands tumbled top two and that made his line genuinely straightforward. Going for two barrels with the highest point of one’s territory isn’t precisely an advanced science, however turn play in this hand was still very fascinating. Ivey chose to go over Sands barrel with his combo draw and blockers which was positively a fine play, however tragically for him, David was likewise holding every one of the blockers. This joined with the lemon surface made him sensibly certain that Ivey must be to some degree draw weighty, and he was additionally dedicated to the pot due to how ‘Doc’ figured out how to pot on past roads.

Sands offered himself the chance to dispose of a very extreme rival in a genuinely harmless spot and that is certainly a characteristic of an extraordinary competition player.
Setting Them Up, Wrecking Them

While there’s a lot of significant worth to be had in examining a solitary poker hand, dissecting expressed hand in a more extensive setting is typically substantially more fascinating. Poker is, all things considered, a round of deficient data and the more information we have the more clear the image becomes. That is the reason this show in two demonstrations that unfurled during 2013 PCA between David Sands and Vanessa Selbst is so fascinating to watch.

The hand number one was a standard undertaking with strong play on the two sides. ‘Doc’ opened the hand with KJ and Vanessa called with AK which was an extraordinary play considering the place of her rival and the stack sizes. While 3bet would likewise be a +EV play (it’s difficult to turn out badly with AK for however long you’re not collapsing the hand) it presented a gamble of some serious converse suggested chances situations, which was particularly important in this extremely intense table line-up.

When David slumped top two his line turned out to be genuinely basic, however very much like in the Ivey hand his betsizing was immaculate and it’s vital to go for those little edges even in clear spots. Selbst figured out how to make a decent set down on the waterway and that is where the sorcery occurred. This apparently conventional spot finished with a very much positioned needle. Doc showed his hand again to the table camera, astutely inferring that something really stood out about it, pursuing Vanessa question her strong choice. To add with this impact, Sands said something about “remembering the second on television” which got another needling devotee, Scott Seiver, apparently invigorated.

The second hand in the clasp seems OK with the shade of the past one approaching over it. We got another preflop raise from David and call from Selbst ready. This time, in any case, something has changed. While Sands was basically as created as he normally is (annoyingly so) Vanessa settled on purported string decision, adding chips to the pot in little lumps which is viewed as an indication of terrible table decorum. ‘Doc’ unquestionably saw the Selbst was discernibly irritated, considering how he no doubt went for the gold with his conduct in the past hand. That made it all the simpler to take an inactive line with his beast draw and give Vanessa as much space as she needed, to feign her stack into him. While we could scrutinize the profound quality of this present circumstance it’s difficult to contend with the outcomes.






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